From 21 to 22

As I am typing this post, I am 21 years old, well for the next 4 hours and 18 minutes, but by the time it reaches you I will be 22. For me, there’s always something weird about getting older – not in the typical female ‘I don’t want to be old’ way but in… Read More From 21 to 22

You Are Stereotypically Black (South African Style) If….

There are many assumptions and stereotypes concerning black people and sometimes they are rude, hurtful and racist. Other times, though, they are a little funny and sometimes make one nostalgic sssoooo.. You Are Stereotypically Black (South African Style) If…. 1. …. you have referred to all toothpaste as ‘Colgate’ regardless of the brand 2. ….you… Read More You Are Stereotypically Black (South African Style) If….

A Woman’s Curse

Being a girl/woman is at times fun, interesting and down-right cool. We have so many things to enjoy and look forward to, things like make-up, mani’s and pedi’s, dressing up, lingerie, tight dresses and my favourite, HEELS :-D. As with all things good, there come bad things along with them such as ‘the monthly’, going… Read More A Woman’s Curse