19 June 2012

Okaaaaay!! I know it seems like I’ve neglected this page, but the truth is that people have generally been on their best behaviour and not saying crazy things. I had overestimated how often I’d hear insanely funny or weird things out there. However, I have a good 1 for you this week courtesy of Sbu, aka DJ Elektrik of TransAfrica Radio who said:

“I Feel Like The Devil Farted In A Balloon And Put The Balloon Over My Head”

Hahahaha, what a way with words you have there – genius lol!

7 March 2012

Yellow-bone 'til the death of me 😉 lol

This week’s “WordSpew” champ is my beautiful and insane friend, Victoria Hazell. We were having a conversation about black guys and how they seem to be into light-skinned girls, affectionately known as “yellow-bones”. I said that it seems as though yellow-bones are the trend that never dies. She then concured in a way that I did not anticipate lol, saying: “Hai never shem!! We are [going to] be the in-thing until we die… Until we LITERALLY TURN TO BONES!!!” I died lol!!Thank U Miss Yellow-Bone Mami 🙂 😛  

21 February 2012

This week’s ‘wordspew’ comes from one of my very own, Camille ‘Cami’ Jasson. She’s my fun, insane friend who says the most ridiculous things that get me in stitches every time. This week she graced me with:

“I have a photo[graphic] memory… Not that the camera always has film but, we’ll hope”

THANK YOU CAM!!! 🙂 lmao!

Smell the rubber burn as she thinks up another little bit of brilliance lol

27 February 2012

Sssooo, this week another one of my own, 1 of my very best friends Otsile ‘Bubbles’ Motlhabane, made the ‘wordspew’ grade. You see, she and I both have soon to be 15-year-old siblings and we were chatting about how fast these kids grow up and get interested in sex and such. This was brought on by her younger sister dropping a bomb on her and asking her a sex-related question that brought a shock to the system and hence shall not be repeated here lol. Anyway, what was more shocking was what she proceeded to tell me afterwards…. how she gave her sister “THE TALK”…. about “THE BIRDS AND THE BEES”. It went a little something like:

“In life, there are birds and there are bees. YOU are a bird and you should just stay away from bees because if a bee stings you, you’re [going to] swell up”.

LOL!!!! *Speechless*

You wouldn't expect such 'nuts' coming out of this mouth, would you lol

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