True Love?? How about just love….

A few weeks ago I heard a statement on one of my favourite shows and for some reason I just couldn’t shake it for the longest time… One of the characters had said “True Love Is Just A Myth” and for some reason those words kept nagging at my brain.

After days of having these words swirl around in my brain, it suddenly dawned on me why the words had been bugging me for so long… WHAT exactly is meant by true love!? I mean, is there love that is untrue or false? And if there is what does it look/feel like?

I then took to my trusted friend, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, to try and figure it all out. I started by looking up ‘true’ and there was no mention of love in there. Hmmm….. I looked up the word ‘love’ next and with all the meanings and uses of the word love, neither of them mentioned the word ‘true’ at all. HMMM….. again. After hours of thinking and refuted theories, I came to the following theory: She was right!! True love IS just a myth because there is no ‘true love’ as there is no ‘untrue love’. There is just love… which is in all forms is true.

I love you 2
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Okay, it’s like this for me… Just because someone doesn’t treat you the way you would like to be treated or because the relationship that YOU chose to be in is not a perfect balance of ups and downs or doesn’t emotionally (or otherwise) fulfil or satisfy you, it does not mean that the degree of love shared is not ‘true’ or that there is something inherently wrong with love, it means that the two of you are either incompatible by nature or that not enough work is going into the relationship to get it to the perfect state of ‘mooshiness’ that each of you need.

What’s your point lady??

Well, I think it’s that it’s time we stop berating the word and notion ‘love’. Love is beautiful and worthy all on its own.. Throwing the word ‘true’ in front of ‘love’ doesn’t make a relationship more special and important than any other that is based on ‘love’ sans the ‘true’. In fact, putting the word ‘true’ in front of it is a bit redundant… Well, to me anyway….

For me it’s as simple as this: it’s either there is love or there isn’t. The problem comes when people start confusing love with things like attraction, lust, compatibility and companionship. When either of the aforementioned things start to wane or subside, poor old love is thrown in the mix and I guess I’m saying that shouldn’t be the case.

But hey, that’s just me and my opinion…. And hopefully the few people I’ve converted with my mindless rant lol**


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