From 21 to 22

As I am typing this post, I am 21 years old, well for the next 4 hours and 18 minutes, but by the time it reaches you I will be 22. For me, there’s always something weird about getting older – not in the typical female ‘I don’t want to be old’ way but in a more philosophical ‘what have I achieved’ and ‘what do I still need to achieve’ kind of way…

Ssssooooo, what have I achieved at age 21?? Uhm, not much if I’m being totally honest.. Especially when you look at other people and what they achieved by age  21 like, uhm, Adele… She puts me to shame… In a deep way lol! But I do

English: Adele
Adele (via Wikipedia)

realize that I’m not a celebrity nor am I trying to be so my comparing myself to Adele, Rihanna, Chris Brown and all these other young and amazing celebrities will only lead to an early mental breakdownfor me.

As a result, I’ve chosen to celebrate the little that I have achieved as a mere mortal that’s barely a blip on the radar (and yes, I am consoling myself lol – it’s almost my birthday, allow me :-P). Here are ten of the things that I am proud of having achieved so far:

1. I made it through high school

This may not seem like much but if we’re all being honest, high school can really be cut-throat and it’s not many people who make it out without being physically beaten or worse, psychologically scarred and going through life carrying that burden, so ‘yay’ to me J

2. I matriculated… And well

This is obviously closely tied to the first one but I decided to take the opportunity to toot my academic and intelligent horn a little bit here lol. I passed matric – some people sadly don’t so I really do value this one. And, might I add, I had one distinction and mostly B’s – YESSS!! (Insert Air-punch Here) lol

3. I don’t have a baby

OK, before people get riled up and start attacking me, there’s nothing wrong with those who did have babies before age 21 BUT for me, it’s just not something I wanted for myself because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it, I still don’t think I can and that’s why I count it as an achievement.

4. I’m an aunt

Yeah, this one has absolutely NOTHING to do with me personally lol but I am still extremely proud to be an aunt !!

5. I’ve made amazing friends

There’s nothing that makes me more proud than having met the people that I call my friends, my true friends. They’re an amazing bunch and heaven knows I’d be lost without them! I wish I could name you all but I’d run out of space lol

6. I’ve lost amazing friends

Ok, so I know this is a weird kind of achievement but it is one, depending on how you choose to look at it. Some people come into your life with the purpose of being temporary – even though you may not realize it. I’ve learnt a LOT about myself from those friends and regardless of how we parted ways (good or bad) those people were among those that I called true friends at some point in time. I shared a big chunk of myself and my life with them and to act like they did not mean anything to me now that we aren’t friends would not only be unfair, it would be extremely dishonest. So, thank you, for coming in my life and affecting it the way that you have and also for leaving it and teaching me how to let go.

7. I met a special guy

… smiles …. ❤

8. I took chances

I’ve put myself out there in ways that surprised even me… I’ve auditioned for shows, applied for many a job and got some along the way and was rejected too. It all made me learn things about myself and get a bit of a thicker skin and that’s definitely an essential in this maze of life.

9. I learnt how to cook, dance, drive

I learnt my very good culinary skills from my mommy and they are indeed an asset lol. I can tap dance which I

personally think is very cool 😀 and I can drive… Granted I don’t have my license yet but I do have the skill lol.

Image via Wikipedia

10. I started a blog 🙂 🙂

My little blog has grown on me lol. I was very weary at first but now I think of it as my baby and I’m quite proud of what it already is and more so what it can become *pats back*

So, as I close this chapter of being 21 and now that I’ve bored you guys with all my sensitivity and sentimental thoughts, there are things that I obviously still need to get done.

By the time I turn 23, (this time next year) I hope to say that I have achieved the following:

  • Gotten my driver’s licence
  • Gotten my BA in Journalism (I’m 1 subject away so this as good as done)
  • Lost a certain amount of weight (I’m a woman so I’m never happy lol)
  • Still be blogging & have a ridiculous number of followers (ambitious much Zee?:-P)
  • Have an awesome job… One that preferably involves writing
  • Have a better sense of self (Uhm, I don’t really know what this means but it’s what people say right!? lol!!)

Here’s to 22…. (Man I’m getting old lol)

Birthday Cake

One thought on “From 21 to 22

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaah yeaaaaa buddy!!!!!!!! Love it and yes cheers to u my angel ur going far : D HAPPY BIRTHDAY to uuuuuuu!!!!!

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