Don’t be a naai/ Life is trash

Because JawOnFloor is just the funniest, wisest and most beautiful curvaceous male you will come across


This mystical incantation washed all the way from Mother Germany – don’t be a naai. And you will all take care to listen.

Translated, it means don’t be a fucker.

One of my favourite tweeters is Beyonka Fierce. She says things that would get you shunned by society for admitting that it made you laugh. She would probably be fired from her job if her employers knew that she was tweeting the things she does. Last year she killed herself and rose up from the ashes to bless us with her quality tweets. Check it out, if you dare – @beyonka_fierce

Maybe I should explain before I go on. My dear friend Meryem, from Germany (so she speaks German) was in South Africa last year and went away for an end of year camp. She came back filled with energy and wisdom, as one of the rules for the group…

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