Romance – Dead or Alive?

Romance is something that is ingrained into almost every single girl child when they are born. We grow up being told fairy tales such as Cinderella – where the prince comes and saves her from her life of poverty and slavery (let’s be honest) and Snow White – where the kiss of a prince saves her life – woah, brainwash much?




Then we grow up and start to read Shakespeare and his writings on love and romance – hello Romeo & Juliet and Twelfth Night and it gets further solidified in our minds that firstly, romance does exist and secondly, that women are entitled to having it.


This doesn’t change the more we evolve and advance in all ways. Today, a certain level of romance and chivalry is still expected – it’s the unwritten rule of dating and plays a larger role than many would even care to realize. I mean if men could write love poems and wear their hearts on their sleeves unashamedly in 19-whatever when they barely had water to bath with, why then wouldn’t men who have more than some ink and a quill pen do a little something to show women how they feel and how they want them.


Now in the times of smartphones, social media and economic, social and technological freedom, the little things seem to be forgotten. What happened to the phone call? What happened to writing letters? Even buying flowers for a woman is starting to fade – Why would I buy flowers when I can take a perfectly good enough photo of someone’s flowers in their garden, put it through a nice filter on Instagreezy and tag the person I WOULD HAVE sent them to; I mean take a picture it lasts longer, right?


So, is romance dead though? Or has it gone through a process of evolution and become what it is today – he changed his Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ – he must like me… Or, he hash tagged “My Boo” on twitter and ‘atted’ me – we in love… Or, have you seen the pictures he’s tagged me in on Insta with the sweet message, he’s the one.


I find myself wondering more and more if wanting some of the more traditional ways of courting – yeah I said it – such as a phone call instead of a BBM/whatsapp chat and being picked up with flowers and chocolates en tow is outdated and a bit irrational considering the times that we are living in? Or should it be one of those things that should be the standard and shouldn’t change.


I also wonder if it is even plausible in the times of men ‘loving bad bitches’ and wanting ‘racks on racks on racks’ and where women twerk on demand, pour it up in the clurrbs and don’t need no man to get by’, is The Notebook/Romeo & Juliet kind of love and romance be something that should fast become a figment of imagination and be replaced by twerking, balling, strategizing and ‘playing the game’ or should we all step up and take it back to basics?


Who knows?




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