You’re in a retail store, probably buying groceries or toiletries and as you finish picking up all the items you need you suddenly have this deep feeling of regret in your stomach because you just remembered that now you have to go pay for them… Now, the regret is not because you are parting with money per se, but rather because you know without a doubt that the 5, maybe 10 minutes, you’re going to spend at the till with the cashier are going to be the longest of your life!!

I’m sure we all know the types of cashiers that I’m talking about – the ones who are inherently unhappy and/or annoyed with their jobs to the point where you, as a customer, hope and pray that they don’t attempt to crack a smile for fear that the earth would spontaneously combust out of sheer shock.


I, personally, worked in retail from the time I was 17 until I was 21 and I must say it is not an industry for the faint-hearted!  Customers are demanding, managers are slave-drivers, hours are ridiculous and sanity is a blessing if you manage to hold onto it. Having been on that side of things, and knowing what it entails, I generally have a soft spot for people who work in retail, HOWEVER, I also expect a certain standard of quality regarding the service I get as I know what I am entitled to.

Being in retail, you soon learn (or rather are SUPPOSED to soon learn) that it is not about you. As a sales assistant, cashier, whatever, you are nothing but a mere vehicle to someone else’s happiness and satisfaction. And yes, you could rant, rave and protest all you want but that would not change the facts. And the facts are this:

  • It is very rare that a customer will walk in and care about who you are, what you’re about and what your problems are, so stop expecting them to…
  • …However SHOULD a customer care to be nice and friendly, you are OBLIGATED to respond in kind because well, it’s good manners but also, it kind of is your job (or at least it should be).
  • Just because you don’t sit at a desk and work a 9-5, doesn’t mean that you can act unprofessional
  •  For whatever reasons, YOU chose your job. And no matter how much it’s making you unhappy, you are also the one choosing to stay in it.

Being angry doesn’t make the situation change or go away any quicker or make the days any shorter or less painful so you know what you might as well do, SMILE for goodness sake!  It won’t kill you, truly it won’t. If anything, it’ll make your days a little easier to bear….

…And keep verbal and/or written warnings for not fulfilling a key aspect of your job away from you.




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