Stop writing ‘LOL’… We KNOW when you’re joking

This is the brutally honest and technically unsolicited advice that I got regarding my blog recently. My reaction? Well… ‘LOL’ actually as I burst out laughing at the top of my voice.



Once I stopped laughing and started to think about these pearls of wisdom, I thought “Oh, jeeez! Is THAT how I’m coming across – as though I don’t trust my audience’s intelligence enough to KNOW that THEY KNOW when I’m being tongue-in-cheek!? Yikes!”


I then cringed as I drew comparison between myself and an amateur stand-up comedian, with obvious and strategically placed pauses, in a painfully clear attempt at being funny *hangs head in shame*

While ‘LOL’ and all the various derivatives have become dear companions to us and are acceptable when texting; tweeting; BBMing and all other ‘ings’ having to do with social media, they, however, have no place on a blog – especially not one of a person with a journalism degree and aspirations of being a bad-ass journalist.

So, with my valued pearls of wisdom in tow, ‘LOL’, I now put thee to rest… Not without a heart-felt eulogy though. ‘LOL’, this is for you *sniff*


LOL, oh LOL…



You expressed my feelings so well

While you clearly frustrated others

You always made me feel so swell



My electronic canvas will miss your figure

You always came to my rescue

And did so with such elegance and rigour



My perfect exit strategy

You’ll always be close to my heart

And always be a big part of me



Parting with you is personal hell

However, you’re killing me professionally

Alas, I bid thee farewell.





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