Spare A Thought

For those of you who live under a rock or just haven’t bothered to pay attention, it is World AIDS Day tomorrow (1 December 2012)!!!


The World Health Organization (WHO) states on their website, “Between 2011-2015,  World AIDS Days will have the theme of ‘Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections.  Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths’.”


Generally World AIDS day is about increasing awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic as well as getting people to pretty much, pause and take a moment to spare a thought for those suffering from the disease.

While I could get on my soap-box and tell you the importance and merits of getting tested for HIV/AIDS, I won’t, simply because this is something that we already know. We know that it is important to get tested regularly. We know to take extra care when engaging in sexual activity. We know not to allow a moment to cloud us as we could have life-long consequences. WE KNOW.

We sometimes forget, however, to spare a thought for those who are suffering. Yes, there are those who got infected due to not paying attention to all the warnings, and those who simply do not care. However, there are those who are just victims of circumstances out of their control – rape victims; men and women whose husbands and wives brought the sickness into their relationships through infidelity and the children who are born with the illness and made to suffer for the sins of their parents.

On World AIDS Day 2012, let’s spare a thought for all those who are sick. Whether they were reckless or whether they are victims, it can not be easy living that way! So let’s be grateful for our health but also think about those who aren’t as healthy as we may be.

Remember, a thought and a prayer cost nothing and compassion goes a long way!!

Have a good one and be safe out there**

English: World AIDS Day Ribbon
English: World AIDS Day Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

**Photo’s taken from and respectively

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