Public Transport At Its Best

bus of the undead hdr

There are many things that trouble me about life, people and the way that people behave. One of the most troubling and perplexing of these are the way that people choose to behave in public, but more especially when they are on public transport. Daily, I continue to be surprised, shocked and other times annoyed but most times amused by people’s lack of shame and embarrassment.

For example, the men and women who unashamedly try to reach and scratch their brains through their nostrils and encounter traffic of the ‘booger’ kind on their way and settle for extracting their ‘discoveries’ instead in full view…. NICE.

Or perhaps the girl who purposely wears low rise jeans, with no belt and colourful underwear (if any at all) for all of us to see as she enters and exits the taxi… You go girl!!


Whale tail of a 31 year old woman

She, of course, will find a seat next to the girl who is chewing and popping her gum as though she were a finalist in line to win a million rand for that… c’mon, give our ears a break!

On the bus, I frequently witness passengers who get in the bus and fall asleep! THESE are the most intriguing and amusing of people. I always look at them in bewilderment because I wonder HOW on earth they can get into a bus or taxi and fall asleep knowing that they are the only one who knows where they’re going. I worry, on their behalf, as to what would happen if the bus passed their stop…. While I’m mid-worry, they wake up literally seconds before their stop, get up and get out at the right place. HOW on earth they sense this is beyond me!  This is pretty cool though!

My absolute favourite people though are those with NO shame or sense of privacy whatsoever. Case in point was the woman I sat next to in a taxi on my way to visiting a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. Within ten minutes of the taxi ride, she took her phone out and phoned her son and proceeded to have a very personal phone call with all of us in the taxi as her own personal audience… She proceeded to inform us (indirectly) that her son is a drug addict of some sort who had recently been arrested for some kind of theft! She then proceeded to tell him to lie (ridiculously might I add) to the police and tell them he ‘took’ said goods by accident…. UHM… ok!? Lol.

Here is some advice people, when on a bus, taxi or whatever form of public transport, at least PRETEND to be classy because there is ALWAYS someone watching**


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